A behind-the-screen look at the making of a web comedy series.

Location, location, location

Cai raised a good point in an email yesterday, so I’m turning to my network for help. Something Awesome is in need of a few good locations. And a set designer.

Here’s what a location commitment will look like:
We’ll take over the space for a few hours (depending on scene length, 2-4 is a good guestimate). Anything we move we’ll return to its original location and give a thorough clean when done. (I’ll be armed with a Swiffer – that hilarious image alone should be worth volunteering space for.)

What you’ll get in return:
– my undying gratitude
– your name in the credits
– a photo with cast & crew
– an invite to the exclusive Something Awesome party

Here’s the list:
– bushwick apartment (possibles – friend’s dorm, Alec’s room @ McKibben lofts, looking for another alternate)
– bar (any)
– Little Bushville (homeless community, Bushwick; we’ll build @ McKibben lofts?)
– Po (Italian restaurant, Carroll Gardens)
– bar (old Whiskey Sunday’s/BBQ, Flatbush)
– cube farm office (TBD)
– space craft, outer space (we’ll build @ McKibben lofts?)
– hill, planet venus (we’ll build @ McKibben lofts?)


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