A behind-the-screen look at the making of a web comedy series.

Stop writing, writer!

The hardest thing I’m facing now isn’t getting hold of someone at the Screen Actor’s Guild in LA for SAG waivers; nor is it finding extras (with speaking roles) in NYC while living across the country; nor is it finding time to edit production spreadsheets while working for a marketing agency in Seattle, negotiating a game script and negotiating two multi-script TV deals.

The hardest thing I’m facing now is that I HAVE TO STOP WRITING AND EDITING SOMETHING AWESOME.

I love writing and editing. It’s what I do. Since wrapping scripts last week I’ve written at least one more full episode and several more short scenes. Now I face the impossible frustration of putting them aside to focus on old scripts.

Old scripts?! Ach. They’re dull, dead, defeated. When I look at them I cringe — I can’t possibly be flying back to New York to film THOSE??

But I am flying back. I bought tickets last night. Laura’s coming out, too — at least for the last weekend.

Now I sit. And wait.

We’ll see how the scripts do at the table read next week. Maybe I can tweak after that.

Until next time,



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