A behind-the-screen look at the making of a web comedy series.

All quiet on the western front

I’ve organized the crap out of this project over the past 72 hours. I’ve built out a production & cast contact list, production needs spreadsheet and scene-by-scene breakdowns of actors/props/costumes/sound. I’ve found actors to fill most of the extra roles. I’ve been back and forth with SAG’s New Media department and have all the paperwork I need from them. (Thus far the people at SAG have been very polite and helpful. Nice people to work with.) I’m in touch with a certain writer at a certain New York late night comedy program. Things are moving and grooving.

As a result I’m feeling pretty calm and confident at the moment (therapy was also helpful in this regard this week). I’ve even stopped hating the scripts.

Not all is peachy: the DP got in touch yesterday to step down from his role. Sam wants to transition to stills & documentary. So we’ll have an added bonus when we start to shoot. I hope to be able to post some raw behind-the-scenes footage to the blog. On the downside, though, Sam was an awesome DP and will be missed. Cai is on the hunt for a new one and is telling me not to worry, so I’m following a radical course of non-worrying. This is a new feeling for me. It’s kinda nice.

To shake things up Laura and I went on a nice date night earlier this week. Sushi dinner @ Nijo here in Seattle followed by “Greenberg” up at the Guild Theater. Both were great, but the movie was hard to take given where I’m at.

MENTAL NOTE: Before embarking on an ambitious creative production, DO NOT watch a movie about a socially-dysfunctional creative who blew his chance at the big time because of a nervous fit when he was younger. Ignore glowing New Yorker reviews. Tune out the internal paranoia.

Great movie. Probably not the right time for me to watch it.

Otherwise things are quiet out west.

Next week on the blog: bios for prominent cast & crew!

Back to business,


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