A behind-the-screen look at the making of a web comedy series.

Herding Rabid Porcupine

Laura has a great expression for managing creatives. She calls it “herding rabid porcupine.” Getting people’s schedules to line up and juggling partial (and frequently late) information is enough to drive me crazy. Especially when dealing with this from across the country.

This doesn’t apply to everyone — and, to everyone’s credit, cast and crew are motivated and excited and get back to me eventually. It’s just the waiting that drives me nuts.

Fortunately there’s life to attend to, and plenty of other background work I can do in the meantime. But sometimes, as Laura likes to say, I just want to throw a blue whale on the process, quills be damned.

Remember: this project is just for fun. Let it be fun. No sense in getting hung up with impatience.

I also have faith that producing this show is the kind of thing that we can all just show up for and it’ll happen. As long as all us porcupines show up for the shoot we’ll be golden.

Until next time,


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