A behind-the-screen look at the making of a web comedy series.

Mission Statement: I want Noel Fielding to design a hoodie

My good friend and killer designer Sean Dekkers is helping me design a logo for the show. I’m letting him have free reign on this one, sending him whatever information he asks for in hopes of provoking a reaction from his creative soul. Sean is a doppelganger for The Boosh’s Noel Fielding. This makes him an ideal candidate to make a sexy and smart logo.

Sean and I are big Boosh fans. So we’ll see where this adventure leads. Come to think of it, I wouldn’t mind Noel designing some cool outfits for us. Noel, you out there? Can you make me a hoodie?

From a recent exchange:

— Sean wrote: —
i need a bit more information, ei demographic, what its about, more info about what you are trying to go for, etc.

— Nick wrote: —
Show targets 20-somethings, anti-hipster, American underbelly, bored people trying to get by during the recession struggling to find/keep jobs. NYC/urban in style. I’ll forward you some scripts.

A lot of the recent concepting came during [Mighty] Boosh marathons, did my best to reign in the weird and keep it straightish. Don’t know how well I did on that score. There seems to be an overriding theme of paranoia about the corporate world and the coming zombie uprising. And, generally, kids looking for satisfaction and having no idea where to turn.

There’s hope there, though, and that’s what the logo should capture. Hope in a better world where people can just be people and chill out together. I want people to own this connection – to own that part of themselves that is fun and creative and happy. Peace, love and hippiness. That sort of thing.

Hope that helps. When all else fails, there’s the urban landscape. I’m big into the sun. I have a lot of shots of the sun setting behind manhattan, and rising on Bushwick, Brooklyn.


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