A behind-the-screen look at the making of a web comedy series.

My Recipe For Success

Take 1 manic writer obsessed with British comedy. Take 3 fun, courageous actors in Brooklyn. Take 1 daring director. Take a skeleton production crew who, for reasons beyond my comprehension, enlist to hang lights, lay gaffers tape, and hold a boom for 14 hours a day each day for two weekends.

Any one of those ingredients will create something interesting. All of them combined creates something awesome.

I really have no idea what will happen over the next two weeks. I would not be shocked if everyone turned to me and said, “Yeah right. Peace out.”

In which case I’d head uptown to stroll through the museums during the day. Then I’d get a beer with friends at night and dream about the surreal magic of NYC.

But then there’s the nagging feeling that Something Awesome might end up being just that.


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