A behind-the-screen look at the making of a web comedy series.

Back in the action.

Three months ago I flew back to Seattle to begin post-production and see what kind of strings I could pull to make OUATIB happen. Filming the first season was nothing short of amazing — we have some awesome stuff to hit you with very shortly.

I’m back in NYC now to finish production, build buzz & launch. It’s a wild ride.

Today I took meetings with cast & crew, grooved to Alec’s Dream Rock version of the OUATIB theme song, reviewed episode & trailer edits with Mengfan, approved Daniel’s “Eighteen of Apartments” branding concept, and negotiated three parties to launch while I’m in town: one party per week for the next three weeks.

This week’s party is in Chelsea. There will be wine and lots of interesting conversation. Sunil has a really cool Twitter gaming platform to show us and there’ll be appearances by the OUATIB crew.

Anyone who donates to Apartment 18 Productions or OUATIB will receive an invite to any and all parties happening over the next few weeks. You can donate via PayPal on either Facebook fan page or at:



BTW — In the studio I got to listen to Bill Bartholomew & his Dream Rock sound. He has made Alec Stephens III shine. You gotta hear his new EP, I AM THE THIRD (coming soon).

Until next time,


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