A behind-the-screen look at the making of a web comedy series.

Today has been a good day.

It started with a payment from a long-term client. It’s not mega-millions, but it still feels good to get paid. Then I did some emailing with a sales rep I shot a spec ad concept for earlier this week. He’s really excited to be working with me and is hustling to sell me in to his boss.

Then I had an interview with A&E Digital. I played them the first episode of OUATIB and explained where I’m heading. Not only did they like it & want to see more, they’re connecting me with the right production & funding people to take this show to the next level.

Afterwards Jason took me to an awesome social media-savvy restaurant on 40th & Madison called 4Food (4food.com). We met the COO and are discussing an end-of-season party hosted at their restaurant, featuring the final episode of the season running on their GIANT 2-story screen. Sounds like fun!

While there I got a call from a reporter from The Queens Ledger. We had a great conversation about what’s going on. Looks like they’ll be running a piece on Monday to coincide with launch. Then we headed back to Arjun’s to rest before the final Chelsea Loft Party tonight.

On the way back I stopped in at my favorite fashion design shop in the city — The Cast (on Orchard St in the Lower East Side). Caught up with Chuck, one of lead designers. Two years ago he made a custom suit for me for my wedding. He’s expanded their product line since then and is now making gorgeous men’s and women’s clothes. Great aesthetic, great guy. To treat myself I bought some jeans and a nice t-shirt.

Now we’re back at Arjun’s doing follow-ups … and I got a text telling me that the online video producers of the Onion Network News are coming. Sweet! What a great way to cap off my New York adventure.

This trip has been the most difficult month of my life — worse than struggling through my thesis at Reed! But good God has it been worth it. I would not have made it here without the loving support of so many friends & family — and most importantly, my awesome wife. Thank you, everyone, for looking after me and keeping me on an even keel so I could build this project & take it where it deserves to go.

Headed to Boston for a table read this week (and catch-up with more long-term friends), then back to NYC for the OUATIB launch party this weekend. Holy roller coaster, Batman!

Listening to the upcoming EP of Alec Stephens III now. Enjoying the gorgeous view of Brooklyn from Arjun’s apartment. And looking forward to getting home to see my wife SOON!!

Until next time,



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