A behind-the-screen look at the making of a web comedy series.

Results: Summer 2010

To say that this trip has been phenomenally successful is an understatement. I’m talking to top brass at a 17-brand corporation (we filmed a spec ad last week for one of their brands). And that’s just ONE of the dozen+ leads I opened. My sales team opened another dozen and our closers are primed to make deals happen.

The A&E Digital meeting has shown me what I expected to see. Networks aren’t ready for this space, leaving this field totally open for young hot shots like me to put together cool stuff. But they know that this is where things are headed & they’re interested in future partnerships. If I can survive for a few years doing this, then I’ll be perfectly positioned to talk seriously with networks about moving their content online.

But this trip isn’t about the money or the future. It’s about what’s happening now.

The launch party was a major success. The bands were amazing, people got excited about the show & everyone left with good feelings. It was young, hip … everything I could have asked for.

After the launch party I went out for drinks with a killer producer and her crew, including a tour manager who just moved to the city from Atlanta. We stayed up late talking about future projects, how to raise funds to keep us going & next steps I’ll need to take to make a college tour happen (and realistic timelines for that).

I’m headed home now for some downtime and to keep working on the money angle to shore up business. In the meantime I hope you enjoy OUATIB!


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