A behind-the-screen look at the making of a web comedy series.

Staying alive

Had a good chat with a veteran salesman last night and he gave me some good pointers about price points & sales strategy. Our talk churned in the back of my head all night, and brought together many disparate ideas that I’d been mulling over for the past few months.

What excites me about interactive video is the metrics and audience/customer analysis tools it enables. By carefully tracking your audience and listening deeply to their responses you can learn a lot about what’s working and what isn’t, and how to best position your brand to maximize resonance.

Which brings me to my 2 AM eureka moment:

I help clients by making social media videos and carefully monitoring audience activity & metrics. The interactive space is no longer geeky teens looking for distraction (though that audience exists in force). With OUATIB I’ve discovered a TON of activity in the 25-35 yr old audience, second only to the 55-65 yr old audience. Young adults flock to online video, and so do their parents.

This is a sea change in the interactive realm. The burst of baby boomers on Facebook is not a silent category. Rather, these are the people with time to spare who love playing with new social media tools.

These are also consumer categories with $$ to spend — perfect for business.

We’re taking a new approach with Apartment 18. Instead of focussing on webisdoes (though we’ll certainly keep making them), we’re going to branch out with a grass-roots effort to help business gain online traction (and audience insight). This is a proven business model that will bring in some bread and butter — and keep us from bankruptcy!

We’re officially hanging our shingle. Talk to us today about how online video can give your brand exposure and critical consumer insight in these lean times.

Until next time,


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