A behind-the-screen look at the making of a web comedy series.

The HOTTEST webseries on the internet!

Critics call it “hilarious” (IndieFlix.com) and “my next web obsession” (The Brooklyn Report). It’s “full of interesting characters, great dialogue and some hilarious plot twists” (Unleashed Video). Fans say “this is AWESOME.”

It’s Once Upon a Time in Brooklyn, the story of roommates trying to pay the bills without ax murdering each other. Find out what happens when Malik (Alec Stephens III) and Rigo (Mike Navarro-O’Brien) sublet the corner of the living room behind their TV and when Emily (Isis King) moves to Brooklyn to get over a recent divorce. Will Dave (Ben Bartolone) finally score a date with Emily? Or will Lindsay (Lindsay Hicks) ax murder them all?

Hear what the cast and crew have to say: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g3-d8EK7yNM

Find out what all the fuss is about. Watch TODAY at www.OnceUponaTimeinBrooklyn.com!



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